About us

We are partners from 6 different schools from Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Portugal.

We want to implement new school approaches to prevention and intervention of bullying of students with special educational needs (SEN) and to build a welcoming school environment. We need to raise awareness among other pupils, staff and parents that children with special needs are more likely to feel isolated, socially excluded and experience bullying more frequently and ensure that pupils with SEN are not isolated and have opportunities to interact, and develop friendships with their classmates.


We want to focus on skills development for children with special needs and build up their self-esteem and resilience. We aim to involve students, parents, stuff and local authorities to the project in order to start activities of prevention and intervention.

We need to train skills and equip the project’s participants with the necessary tools to manage the daily life in our changing world so that SEN pupils have more opportunities when they start on the labour market or live a life as independent as it is possible.

How to prevent

school bullying

of students with

educational needs